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Wider Network Enhancements and the Metro Tunnel project

One of the marketing lines for Metro Tunnel project is ‘More trains across Melbourne’ – both for the railway lines which will run through the new tunnel under Melbourne, and those which won’t. So how does that work? The PR puff pieces Over on the State Government’s ‘Big Build’ website they give a high level […]

Photos from ten years ago: October 2012

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is October 2012. Building it up, tear it down We start off in the Melbourne CBD, where the Emporium Melbourne shopping centre was emerging inside the gutted facade of Myer’s Lonsdale Street store. The complex opened a few years later in […]

Stupid suburb boundaries of Melbourne

After my recent look at how Melbourne’s suburb boundaries were created in 1998, you might think they would be clear and logical lines drawn along main roads, freeways, railway lines, creeks and rivers. The answer – of course not! Discovering the mess! The story starts when I was randomly looking around in VicNames, which contains […]

Kangaroo Paw Court – the house in two suburbs

After my recent deep dive into how suburb boundaries came to be and the changing boundaries of the City of Brimbank, I found another curiosity – a house located in two suburbs. Google Street View Down the rabbit hole The following line in Government Gazette G19 Thursday 10 May 2018, page 936, got me started. […]

Ardeer’s enclaves in Sunshine West

I’ve been writing a bit about suburbs in recent weeks, and here is the trigger for the whole rabbit hole – places called “Ardeer” that are located in the middle of Sunshine West. The boundaries Enclaves are a territory that is entirely surrounded by the territory of another, but the border between Sunshine West and […]