Ding ding! Looking at the how and why of trams, from Melbourne and beyond.

Selling furniture with a Melbourne tram

If there is one thing that’ll catch my eye, it’s anything public transport related – so it was no surprise I noticed this random advertisement for Melbourne made furniture recently. With ‘Prices so low, you could almost pay by myki‘ being the tagline, can you imagine a more Melbourne scene than a tram passing Flinders […]

Photos from ten years ago: February 2012

February is a short month, and it’s caught me unaware while putting together my photos from ten years ago series – it’s already March and I’ve missed my February 2012 instalment, but here it is anyway. Myki The transition from Metcard to Myki as the ticket to travel on Melbourne public transport was well underway. […]

Adelaide has hook turns too!

When people think ‘hook turns‘ they immediately think of Melbourne and it’s trams – but Adelaide also has hook turns. King William Street and North Terrace northbound The first example is at the intersection of King William Street and North Terrace in the CBD, and is used by northbound Adelaide Metro route buses headed for […]

Melbourne trams and speed cameras

Years ago I found a speed camera set up in an interesting location – beside the tram tracks on Maribyrnong Road, Ascot Vale. Checking the speeds of both motor vehicle,s and a a procession of trams on route route 57 and 82. Tram drivers have been caught speeding before – such as this 2006 article […]

Still more COVID-19 related public transport observations

Victoria is now onto lockdown #6 and the pandemic has no end in sight – so here’s another round of COVID-19 related public transport observations. Cleaning “Hygiene Theater” is still an everyday operation on the Melbourne rail network. Wiping down the handrails may make some sense. But a ‘hygiene team’ wiping down bus stops is […]