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How does public housing impact a suburb?

It has been a while since I last wrote public housing – a history of the Ascot Vale estate was the most recent one. This time I ask the question – does the presence of public housing impact the rest of a suburb?

Housing Commission flats in Ascot Vale

How many crashes can one tram stop take?

On Melbourne’s tramway network, around one third of the stops are provided with “safety zones” – a fenced area in the middle of the road, providing an area for passengers to stand beside the tracks, while still being protected from car traffic. But how much of a pounding can these supposedly protected areas take?

Z3.165 stops for passengers on William Street, at the Collins Street stop on route 55 northbound

Ascot Vale railway station: then and now

Here is Ascot Vale station, one of two hundred and something railway stations located on Melbourne’s suburban railway network. So what happens if we jump back about 100 years in our trusty time machine?

Metro Trains Melbourne stole our station staff!

In Melbourne getting help from a staff member at a railway station can be difficult, when around half of them have nobody in attendance. My local station used to have staff, at least until a few weeks ago when Metro Trains took them away. So where did they go?

Farewell message from the station staff at Ascot Vale station

History of the Ascot Vale public housing estate

If you have ever caught a tram to the Royal Melbourne Show, you may have noticed the Housing Commission estate located opposite the showgrounds. Located in the inner north-western suburb of Ascot Vale, the estate is less distinctive than the massive 1960s apartment towers down the road in Flemington, but the higglety pigglety arrangement of the blocks of flats amongst green lawns is something not often seen in Melbourne housing developments.

Open gardens between the Housing Commission flats