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Photos from ten years ago: July 2008

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is July 2008. At North Melbourne station work was continuing on the new concourse, with a massive steel and timber crash deck at the city end of the platforms allowing construction to continue while trains continued running below. While in the […]

Skyrail – now you can bet on it!

With Melbourne’s rail network covered in gambling advertising, should we really be surprised that the Level Crossing Removal Authority (LXRA) now has an official betting partner?

Writing: influence or inspiration?

Last week I asked the question “Why is Melbourne covered in gambling ads?” and it seems that plenty of other Melbournians has been asking the same thing – the next day The Age published an opinion piece on the same topic. So what gives?

Why is Melbourne covered in gambling ads?

Melbourne: we used to call ourselves the sporting capital of Australia, but going by the current plague of gambling advertisements plastered across our trains, trams and railway stations, has sports betting capital become a more appropriate name? I say yes – but why have they suddenly become so common?