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Confusion abounds on route 48d to Kew

Every morning a handful of route 48d trams trundle through the Melbourne CBD – but keep your wits about you, if you think they are anything like a route 48 tram without the ‘d’. They might start at the Victoria Harbour terminus at Docklands. And run down Collins Street. But after Spring Street they don’t […]

Melbourne sunrise – from the south?

Watching the sun rise in the east, then set in the west – you’d think it is simple, but sometimes it isn’t.

Sunrise on Bourke Street

Moving Telstra payphones for fun and profit

A few things have been happening to the payphones in the Melbourne CBD. The first is a change to their colours, but the second is a lot more sneaky.

Telstra payphones after being moved to optimise adverting exposure

Fixing a falling facade on Collins Street

I have previously written about the former National Mutual Plaza building located at 447 Collins Street in Melbourne, but on January 30 it scored a mention in the local news when a one metre by two metre sized marble panel fell from the northern facade to the plaza below. So how are they fixing it?

Missing marble panel on the facade of  447 Collins Street

The company formerly known as National Mutual

Which Melbourne building is this, and which television tune goes with it? The answer to both is a defunct insurance company…

Curtain wall of the National Mutual Plaza