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Greedy landlords lose out in the end

If you are a renter in Victoria, the landlord can only increase the rent under certain circumstances – so what happens when a landlord tries to jack up the rent as much as then can? In my case, they lost a good tenant and have been stuck with a property that has been empty for months.

Ikea – It’s Swedish for

Here is the lovely table I got to assemble today. Or actually, four of them. There is two sets of two nesting tables. My Mum bought them from Ikea, and I got the job of assembling them.

Driven up the wall (so to speak)

This is what I have been up to the last few days…

Plumbing adventures – to change a tap washer

Here’s how to change a tap washer (I had to do it the other day) Turn the tap off (it should be already…) Go out to the water meter and turn off the main tap (VERY important…) Remove the tap handle. […]

Eat your heart out George Foreman

You have probably seen one of those George Forman grill things for sale, and you might even have one yourself. The main selling point of them is the let the fat drain away, so your food is healthier. I was in […]