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Replacing the power jack of a Samsung NP305 laptop

In my family I am known as ‘Mr Fix It’, so it was not surprised when my sister told me the other week that the power plug for her Samsung laptop computer (model number NP305) wasn’t staying put, and asked if I was able to fix it. I said yes, and took a look. The end result looked like this…

New power jack: it points towards the RJ45 network jack

Beware the television mutilator

Last week on my way to work I discovered dozens of obsolete CRT televisions placed out for the hard rubbish collection – this week I walk past and a half dozen of said televisions have had their screens shattered and the back panels ripped open. So what are they looking for?

Mutilated television number 1

Funeral for a cathode ray tube

Melbourne is currently in the middle of the changeover to digital television, with the original analogue system to be turned off in December 2013, leaving millions of older televisions with cathode ray tubes on the scrapheap. So how to get rid of them?

Spotted: CRT televisions number 17 and 18

More electronic doodads: homebrew LCD display

I built this thingy the other day…

When electronics don’t bounce

Now the story about dropped electronics…