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Photos from ten years ago: August 2008

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is August 2008, and it’s so big I’ve split it into three parts.

Looking back towards the city from beneath the western section of the movable roof

Engineering Week 2005: more engineering fun

[Here is my update for THURSDAY just past, the 18th of August] [TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE!] First off, I went to the Yarra Trams Fleet Control Room. It is here that Yarra Trams watches where all of their trams […]

Engineering Week 2005: fun at VicRoads

No, I didn’t go to VicRoads to get the car rego or my licence fixed up like a normal person.

I went to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre in Denmark Street, Kew (a suburb of Melbourne, if you did not know). Well, it does as it’s name suggests, it manages traffic…