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Railway station kiosks of Melbourne

Kiosks and news stands have been part of the fabric of Melbourne railway stations for decades. But how many still exist today? PROV image VPRS 12903 P0001/34 The obvious The tacky ‘Red Engine’ kiosks on each platform at Flinders Street Station first come to mind. But they were demolished in 2018. As part of the […]

Then and now via Google Street View

The other day I was trawling through Google Street View imagery while researching a future blog post, when I discovered something I had almost forgotten about – Google Street View now supports the ‘time’ dimension. So what was I able to find with my time machine?

KFC restaurant - Cnr High Street & Carool Road, Ashburton, Victoria

Closed down KFC stores of Melbourne

There is something about the architecture of KFC fast food restaurants – you can spot them from a mile away. So what happens when they close down, and how have they changed over the years?

Abandoned KFC fast food restaurant in Morwell

Fast food chains of Melbourne, circa 1982

Today in Australia you can find a fast food on almost every street corner, from small family operated Chinese takeaways and pizza shops, through to massive multinational chains. It might be hard to imagine not having a big fast food joint down the road from you, but these advertisements in the 1982-83 Gregory’s Melbourne Street Directory, 14th edition show how few locations they once had.

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Melbourne, circa 1982