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Replacing the power jack of a Samsung NP305 laptop

In my family I am known as ‘Mr Fix It’, so it was not surprised when my sister told me the other week that the power plug for her Samsung laptop computer (model number NP305) wasn’t staying put, and asked if I was able to fix it. I said yes, and took a look. The end result looked like this…

New power jack: it points towards the RJ45 network jack

Ikea – It’s Swedish for

Here is the lovely table I got to assemble today. Or actually, four of them. There is two sets of two nesting tables. My Mum bought them from Ikea, and I got the job of assembling them.

Driven up the wall (so to speak)

This is what I have been up to the last few days…

More electronic doodads: homebrew LCD display

I built this thingy the other day…

Plumbing adventures – to change a tap washer

Here’s how to change a tap washer (I had to do it the other day) Turn the tap off (it should be already…) Go out to the water meter and turn off the main tap (VERY important…) Remove the tap handle. […]