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When electronics don’t bounce

Now the story about dropped electronics…


Attack of the mutant electronics – hacking a computer PSU

Today I finally finished making the dummy battery I mentioned a while back. I had finished most of it, and it worked fine, but it wasn’t the proper size compared to a proper battery. It was too big to use more […]

Ding Dong! The Phantom Doorbell

Yesterday I was sitting at my computer when the doorbell went off. I went to check the door, but there was no-one there, and could hear no-one (our steps make a bit of noise when you walk up them) Then this […]

Dummy batteries for a Canon camera

Today I built a dummy battery for my camera (Canon S50 btw). Hmmm… dummy batteries, I will guess that you haven’t heard of them before… They are a battery, but they aren’t. Great explanation, isn’t it? It is a thing the same shape […]