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“This power pole belongs to”

At primary school they tell parents “label everything”. But slapping a “this pole belongs to [power company]” sign seems like overkill – who is going to steal a bloody power pole planted into the ground? But there is a reason behind these signs – and Jeff Kennett is to blame. In the beginning, the State […]

Forgotten local government areas of Victoria

If you’ve lived in Melbourne for a while you’ll know that the city is divided up into a number of local government areas, each responsible for community facilities such as libraries and parks, maintenance of local roads, town planning and development approvals, and local services such as waste disposal. However until 1994 Victoria’s regional cities […]

Did the Kennett Government do anything good for public transport in Victoria?

When most people reflect upon the 1990s Liberal government led by Jeff Kennett, they remember it as a time of ideologically driven cutbacks to public transport. However the truth is a little more complex, with one being able to argue that they were actually setting out to make improvements to the system – for better […]