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Six minutes at Ikea – a shopping speedrun

The other night I came to a dual realisation – my wife was in need of a comfortable chair for breastfeeding, and speciality nursery furniture is ridiculously expensive. The solution to both problems was a trip to Ikea – better known as a store that will leave you dazed, confused and wondering where your Saturday […]

Baby products and conspicuous consumption

Conspicuous consumption is spending money on items that indicate to others that you have shitloads of money to blow on ‘stuff’ – and the baby products catalog I flicked through the other week was the perfect example of this.

Baby car seat catalog

Getting cash for my totalled car

A story of my first car and how it got totalled, and finding who in Melbourne will give you money to take away a 20 year old car that doesn’t go.

Tilt truck taking away my damaged car

What is the cheapest tollway account for Melbourne?

If you live in Victoria and own a car, something well worth having is a toll road account. Many motorists who use Melbourne’s CityLink and EastLink tollways on an irregular basis buy the exorbitantly prices one-time trip passes, deciding not to setup an account because they think it isn’t worth it, when in reality there is an option that costs you nothing to setup and maintain.

'Last exit before tollway' sign on the Eastern Freeway at Springvale Road