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Turns out congestion at Flagstaff was nothing new

Way back in 2012 I wrote Chronic commuter congestion fills Flagstaff on the ever increasing number of train passengers travelling to the CBD, and the delays caused by them passing through the ticket gates to exit the station. But it appears that this problem is nothing new, as this August 2002 item from Newsrail is […]

Dynamic directional signs at Melbourne railway stations

The other week I wrote about Public Transport Victoria’s plans to make it easier for passengers to navigate through Flinders Street Station by making the wayfinding signage clearer to follow – but during my travels around Me;bourne’s rail network, I’ve spotted a different way to help passengers on their way – directional signage that adapts […]

Theft from Metcard and Myki machines

One might think that leaving steel boxes full of cash on an empty railway station platform would be a temptation for criminals – and it is. So how much damage can then do for their meagre returns?

Armaguard crew do a cash pickup at Southern Cross

Three generations of Melbourne ticketing

The core of Melbourne’s railway network is the City Loop, circling the Hoddle Grid and serving three underground stations. Having opened to passengers in 1981, during the past 30 years of operation three different methods of ticket checking have been used to ensure passengers have paid their way. So lets take a look at them…

Parliament North Concourse in 1985 (Weston Langford collection)