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I’ve imported some old blog posts

I may have started writing on this blog back in June 2010, but it was not my first foray into publishing my thoughts online – for that we need to go back to 2005. I was just starting university, and it was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and MSN Messenger was the way you […]

My blog circa 2006

MSN Spaces has been updated and went weird as a result

For some reason the editor for blog entries has changes all of a sudden. In Internet Explorer the top toolbar (for hyperlinks, formatting, etc) has totally disappeared for some reason. Then I fire up Firefox, and it now has a new […]

You can blog by email too

Now, for more geeky stuff… To set up your MSN space so you can blog by email: Go to your blog site as usual, like you were going to make an entry. Click on the setting tab at the top. Click […]