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Sydney’s ghost monorail station

The last day of operations for the Sydney Monorail was 30 June 2013, marking the end of 25 years of operation for the single directional loop of track that linked the CBD to Darling Harbour. Most sources state that a total of seven stations are located on the circuit, but an eighth ‘ghost’ station exists in Chinatown, above the corner of Harbour and Goulburn Streets.

Cars need to stop for traffic lights, but the monorail doesn't need to

Singing ‘Do The Loop’ on Sydney’s monorail

Over the years I’ve visited Sydney a number of times, and each time I make the trip up north, I’ve ended up on the monorail. Back in 2001 the highlight was a cringeworthy children’s song titled ‘Do The Loop’ – here it is for your listening displeasure.

Set 5 crosses the Pyrmont Bridge, advertising IGA supermarkets