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Melbourne trains in music videos

Here’s a quick one – Melbourne trains as featured in music videos. Gerling – ‘Dust Me Selecta’ (2001) A guy goes running down the stairs at Flagstaff station and boards a Hitachi train, where he finds a set of magical headphones that turn the train into a nightclub. The Living End – ‘All Torn Down’ […]

Another sighting of Museum station and the Shot Tower

Last month I shared a film showing Queen Elizabeth II paying a visit to Museum station and the Melbourne Underground Rail Loop, but today I’ve got someone quite different – the 1980s Australian new wave band ‘Kids in the Kitchen‘, in the music video for their 1983 debut single ‘Change in Mood‘. Graeme Butler photo […]

The Avalanches rock the New York Subway

In October 2016 The Avalanches’ released a music video for their track “Because I’m Me”. Featuring a young Michael Jackson look-alike dancing along to the music, it was the subway station backdrop that stood out to me.

The Avalanches - Because I'm Me

Hunters & Collectors at St Kilda railway station

I spotted something interesting in a Hunters & Collectors music video the other week – St Kilda railway station.

Hunters & Collectors - Talking To A Stranger video clip, St Kilda railway station 1