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The Avalanches rock the New York Subway

In October 2016 The Avalanches’ released a music video for their track “Because I’m Me”. Featuring a young Michael Jackson look-alike dancing along to the music, it was the subway station backdrop that stood out to me.

The Avalanches - Because I'm Me

Hunters & Collectors at St Kilda railway station

I spotted something interesting in a Hunters & Collectors music video the other week – St Kilda railway station.

Hunters & Collectors - Talking To A Stranger video clip, St Kilda railway station 1

I’m a bigger Architecture in Helsinki fan than you

On the Saturday night just gone I saw Architecture in Helsinki live at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre – not to be confused with [the design of buildings located in the capital city of Finland], Architecture in Helsinki is a Australian indie pop band. When I first saw them play live in 2005 the crowd was a lot smaller…

Architecture in Helsinki: Forum Theatre, Melbourne, 10 September 2011

Ben Lee – Catch My Disease

A thought about his song "Catch My Disease"… What is the disease he is singing about? Do I really want to be catching it? And finally, how is it transmitted? Because if he is singing about a sexual transmitted disease, it […]

In the music shop

I was in the music shop today, looking through the albums, as you do in a music shop. I was looking at particular album that I have, Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too by the New Radicals was on sale for $14.95, […]