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Another 15 minutes of fame

It looks like my blog post yesterday about confronting a racist guy on the tram got a bit of attention, with almost 8,000 views of my blog during the day.

Traffic to my blog on March 20, 2014

Tooting my own horn yet again

I saw a spike in traffic to my blog today – so who has linked to me this time?

Blog statistics: February 20, 2014

So I ended up in the news again

Last week I wrote about an unlucky tram stop in Ascot Vale that gets hit by cars every second week. Shortly after it went live Melbourne newspaper The Age got in touch with me, interested in running a story on the tram stop. I gave him a call, and after a bit of a chat, they had enough details to put an article together.

I'm in the newspaper yet again!

Regenerative braking and Melbourne’s trains

This week Melbourne newspaper The Age ran an article about Melbourne’s aging railway infrastructure – in particular the power supply system. So how much truth is there to it?

Comeng passes the Campbellfield substation on an up Upfield service

News Limited’s content recycle-o-matic

Last Saturday I was flicking through the weekend newspapers, when part way through the Geelong Advertiser I found a vaguely familiar looking photo. After picking up the Herald Sun, I found where I had seen it before…

Same article appearing in the 'Geelong Advertiser' and 'Herald Sun'