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An interesting battle – the 2013 RACV Board Election

Last week the ballot papers for the 2013 RACV Board Election arrived in my mailbox along with the monthly issue of RoyalAuto magazine. While being Victoria’s largest non-government election, it is also ignored by the majority of the 1.4 million people entitled to vote in it. So what is different this year?

My RACV Board Election papers have arrived!

Forgetting about the 2012 RACV Board election

A few months ago the RACV Board elections came and went without me noticing – last year I discovered that of the 1.6 million members eligible to vote, only 55,000 or so chose to do so, so I’m not alone. Back in 2011 six candidates were vying for two board seats, but this year the field was much tighter.

Ballot paper for the 2012 RACV Board election

2011 RACV Board election results

Following up from my RACV board election post from back in October 2011, here are the results! Turns out they were released a few months ago, seems even I didn’t notice…

RACV Board elections: does anyone care?

If you are one of 2 million Victorians who are RACV members then you would have received one of these packages in the mail a few weeks ago: the paperwork for this year’s board elections. If you can’t find it then you’ve probably thrown it in the bin, just like the majority of RACV members.

RACV Board elections: does anyone care?