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Don’t get comfortable – the Southern Cross Station waiting room

Despite being an architect’s wet dream, Southern Cross Station isn’t exactly a nice place to wait for a train – diesel exhaust fills the air, and a cacophony of idling engines assault your ears. But there is an escape – there is an enclosed waiting room. But one problem it’s just become less and less […]

Photos from ten years ago: September 2012

Another instalment in my photos from ten years ago series – this time it is September 2012. New builds We start off down at Williams Landing, where work was progressing on the new railway station. It opened to passengers in April 2013. Meanwhile over at North Melbourne they were busy digging up the tracks to […]

V/Line versus Metro at Southern Cross platform 8

You might assume that a railway station platform is just a place for passengers to board a train, and the type of train doesn’t matter. But at Southern Cross Station platform 8 this is not the case – there is a convoluted process applied every time that usual use V/Line hands it over to Metro […]

Listening to the sound of my own voice

There is one peril to being the number one hit on Google for an obscure topic – radio producers looking for a talking head will try and chase you down to get you onto the air. The story started on May 25, when somebody on Reddit posted a photo titled “I want to go down […]

Photos from ten years ago: January 2012

Yes, it’s that time again – the January 2012 instalment in my photos from ten years ago series. Chinese New Year Chinese New Year came early in 2012 thanks to the wonders of the lunar calendar, and Melbourne’s Chinatown was the place to be. Pedestrians taking over Little Bourke Street. And the odd little gravel […]