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South Pacific Health Clubs are corporate litterbugs

Two weeks ago I noticed the following advertising junk for “South Pacific Health Clubs” while on my way to work in the Melbourne CBD. As I continued on, this isolated sticker had turned into an orange brick road of sorts.

South Pacific Health Clubs spamming the real world

Victorian Government propaganda (It’s part of the plan)

If you have lived in Victoria anytime over the past two years, this cloud motif should be very familiar to you.

Directional signage at Footscray

I hope I am not the only one seeing subliminal messages up in the clouds.

Comment spammer wanting help fighting comment spam

I found this in my Akismet spam bin the other day – comment spam asking for help fighting comment spam!

Comment spammer wanting help fighting comment spamming

A new type of website appearing like a rash

Over the past few weeks I have noticed the emergence new entries in my Facebook news feed, consisting of “[Person] likes [inane phrase here]” and a link to websites I had never head of. When I clicked through the link, you end up at a page with just [inane phrase here] on it, a Facebook ‘like’ button, and advertising.

So why do these sites exist?

270 blocked Apps on Facebook