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I’ve imported some old blog posts

I may have started writing on this blog back in June 2010, but it was not my first foray into publishing my thoughts online – for that we need to go back to 2005. I was just starting university, and it was a time when Facebook didn’t exist and MSN Messenger was the way you […]

My blog circa 2006

Greedy landlords lose out in the end

If you are a renter in Victoria, the landlord can only increase the rent under certain circumstances – so what happens when a landlord tries to jack up the rent as much as then can? In my case, they lost a good tenant and have been stuck with a property that has been empty for months.

On hiatus for the next month, starting now

For the next month, this blog is going to be on hiatus – by the time that this blog post goes live, I’m going to be midway between Melbourne and Europe, on a plane that looks a lot like this one. Above photo by Adrian Pingstone, via Wikimedia Commons My last big overseas trip was […]

My 15 minutes of fame

In case you didn’t notice it, yesterday I found my 15 minutes of fame when Tuesday’s blog post on the speed of Myki gates was picked by Melbourne newspaper The Age, and I did an short interview during the Drive show on ABC Radio 774. So how did it come about?

My 15 minutes of fame

Getting cash for my totalled car

A story of my first car and how it got totalled, and finding who in Melbourne will give you money to take away a 20 year old car that doesn’t go.

Tilt truck taking away my damaged car