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V/Line spending big on rail replacement taxis

When trains aren’t running V/Line passengers are used to being packed onboard replacement buses, but there is an even more expensive mode of substitute transport that V/Line makes regular use of – taxis! I first became aware of it years ago when a mate who uses a mobility scooter tried to travel to Seymour on […]

The return of taxi advertising in Melbourne

When I was younger seeing Melbourne taxis with advertising panels attached to the rear boot was normal, but then they died away. Apparently somebody out there missed them, as this “Back by popular demand” advertisement seems to suggest. So what happened to them?

'Back by popular demand' they say? Back of taxi advertising from 'Rova Taxi Media'

Lost mobile phones and taxi drivers

Normally a story about lost mobile phones and a taxi involves the passenger leaving their prized possession behind, and their difficult quest to be reunited with it – but this tale flips it right around.

Queue of taxis at Melbourne Airport