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The saga of concession myki sales at ticket machines

Things move slow in the land of Myki, so I was surprised the other week to discover that that Myki machines can finally sell General Concession, Senior and Child myki cards. Previously they only sold full fare ones. So why was it a problem? When Myki was first rolled out, the cards were bright green, […]

Buying an Opal card – why so difficult?

I recently spent a long weekend in Sydney and tried to buy an Opal card – their public transport smartcard – an exercise that was much harder than I expected.

Tangara set T60 arrives into Central in afternoon peak

V/Line ticket queues before Myki

For all of the things that Myki has managed to screw up, there is one positive outcome from the implementation of the new ticketing system – the ability to pre-purchase V/Line tickets ahead of time. So what did V/Line passengers have to put up with before?

Sydney’s multimodal PT ticketing (or lack thereof)

As somebody who has grown up with a public transport ticketing system that lets you ride the entire network with a single ticket, Sydney’s service disruption messages focus on something that is apparently trivial – where your ticket is valid. So why is this so important?

Ticket barriers at Edgecliff station