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TV stations saving money by sharing content

It costs a lot of money to keep a television outside broadcasting unit on the road, waiting for something newsworthy to happen. So with advertising revenue drying up, thanks to dropping TV audiences, TV stations will do anything to cut costs – including using the same content as their competitors! I found the first example […]

Why is a tram like a banana?

Why is a tram like a banana? Because they come in a bunch! ba dum tsh So why do trams supposedly timetabled an even distance apart end up running up against each other? The usual cause is the tram in front getting a bad run, which results in it getting progressively more delayed as passengers […]

You suck Frank Costa

Yes, I’m talking about you, Frank Costa, the Geelong businessman who made money out of selling fruit, and is now president of the Geelong Football Club. I wan to kick him in the groin, steal his money, and then relocate the […]