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Melbourne trains moving with open doors

Last week The Age published article titled Long delays for justice over teen’s train death – detailing with the aftermath of a 2014 fatality at Heyington station. Initially much has been made of the gap between the train and the sharply curved platform at Heyington. But the real cause was something far more concerning. Moving […]

Dodgy doors on Melbourne’s Comeng trains

Last week the doors of Melbourne’s Comeng trains received another mention in the news, when it was revealed that a 17-year-old boy had jumped out of moving train at Watergardens station after forcing the doors open. So how long have the doors had this vulnerability?

Article on Comeng train doors: The Age, March 15, 2014

What data does Myki save on your card?

With Myki now in use all over Melbourne, one question you might be asking is “What data actually gets saved to your card?”. Unlike Metcard where all of the relevant information was printed on the back, Myki stores it on a computer chip inside the card – so how is all of the data kept in sync?

A bit further, bit further, OOPS – too far!

And you think accidentally hitting the curb, or nudging the towbar of the car in front is bad…

V/line was moving the carriages around in the sidings near Spencer Street, when one set was pushed too far, ending up with the wheels off the track and the carriages sitting on an angle!

Things that go splat on the tracks

Here we go – what happens when stuff goes in front of trains.