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Photographing every railway station in Melbourne – revisited

There are over two hundred railway stations across Melbourne, so for someone who has spent 15 years of photographing trains, and with over 100,000 photographs catalogued online, taking a photo at each station should have happened long ago. And I have – with some caveats! The back story I first looked into how many railway […]

Metro Tunnel and rebuilding South Kensington station

With narrow platforms squeezed between passing trains, accessed by a dark and dank subway, South Kensington station is one of Melbourne’s least inviting railway stations. But despite being located in an increasingly densifying area, little has been done to improve the station, even with works for the Metro Tunnel project occurring right on it’s doorstep. […]

Two trains in one platform at Camperdown

Camperdown station on the Warrnambool line only has a single platform, in the middle of a long section of single track railway – but until December 2022 every morning the Melbourne-bound and Warrnambool-bound V/Line services would cross there. The answer is a “reverse cross” – but how did it work? The “reverse cross” The V/Line […]

Ballarat trains looping through Bacchus Marsh

One question I’ve seen people ask many a time is why the Ballarat line loops around after passing through Bacchus Marsh, instead of just running in a straight line. But the answer is simple – there is a bloody great big hill in the way. Going for a ride We start on the Melbourne side […]

Wider Network Enhancements and the Metro Tunnel project

One of the marketing lines for Metro Tunnel project is ‘More trains across Melbourne’ – both for the railway lines which will run through the new tunnel under Melbourne, and those which won’t. So how does that work? The PR puff pieces Over on the State Government’s ‘Big Build’ website they give a high level […]