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So why is the City Loop inefficient?

As the new Metro Tunnel in Melbourne approaches completion, the inefficiencies of the existing City Loop have began to get more attention, with a project called the ‘City Loop Reconfiguration’ involving two short tunnel connections flagged as a way to fix them. So why is the City Loop inefficient to start with, and how can […]

Farewell to V/Line’s H type carriage sets

On Friday 2 February 2024 V/Line retired the last of their ‘H’ type carriage sets that dated back to the 1980s, so I decided to go for a ride down to Geelong. Some history V/Line’s ‘H’ type carriage sets were originally built as ‘Harris’ suburban trains back in the 1950s. SLV image H31188. Photographer unknown. […]

Sprinter trains and V/Line platform heights

This is a tale of V/Line’s Sprinter trains, platform heights, and how the two no longer work together. In the beginning The story starts in 1993 when V/Line bought 22 new single carriage diesel railcars for use on commuter services – their 130 km/h top speed saw them named ‘Sprinter’ trains. Weston Langford photo Able […]

A tree falls for Melbourne Airport Rail

You can’t expect to build a multi-billion dollar rail project without having to chop down a few trees. But in the case of Melbourne Airport Rail they’ve needlessly chopped down a number of trees in Melbourne’s west just because they too narrow minded to adjust their plans. Service relocations at Sunshine The north-east side of […]

Metro Tunnel and rebuilding South Kensington station

With narrow platforms squeezed between passing trains, accessed by a dark and dank subway, South Kensington station is one of Melbourne’s least inviting railway stations. But despite being located in an increasingly densifying area, little has been done to improve the station, even with works for the Metro Tunnel project occurring right on it’s doorstep. […]