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Yet another Google Image Search OCR adventure

A few years ago I discovered that Google Image Search applies OCR to indexed images, enabling it to return results for text that have never appeared online, and I’ve found more examples over the years since. Well, now I’ve found yet another! Who’s that bus? Back in 2023 I photographed a Transit Systems coach, with […]

Farewell to V/Line’s H type carriage sets

On Friday 2 February 2024 V/Line retired the last of their ‘H’ type carriage sets that dated back to the 1980s, so I decided to go for a ride down to Geelong. Some history V/Line’s ‘H’ type carriage sets were originally built as ‘Harris’ suburban trains back in the 1950s. SLV image H31188. Photographer unknown. […]

Photographing every railway station in Melbourne – revisited

There are over two hundred railway stations across Melbourne, so for someone who has spent 15 years of photographing trains, and with over 100,000 photographs catalogued online, taking a photo at each station should have happened long ago. And I have – with some caveats! The back story I first looked into how many railway […]

A tree falls for Melbourne Airport Rail

You can’t expect to build a multi-billion dollar rail project without having to chop down a few trees. But in the case of Melbourne Airport Rail they’ve needlessly chopped down a number of trees in Melbourne’s west just because they too narrow minded to adjust their plans. Service relocations at Sunshine The north-east side of […]

Melbourne Airport Rail’s trail of destruction

The Melbourne Airport Rail project might be “paused” but it has already left a trail of destruction across Sunshine. Today’s example is the Sunshine to Tottenham shared path. The works notice that never was The first sign of what was to come was posted on the Facebook page of local state MP Sarah Connolly, who […]