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Security in the City Loop (or lack thereof)

Welcome to Melbourne Central station, where on Wednesday night the first of Ted Baillieu’s Protective Services Officers started duty, protecting passengers from the hoards of evildoers who descend on the station after 6 PM. Meanwhile at the next station over, some vandals managed to make their way into Parliament station after the last train, and spray paint the walls with graffiti. So how the hell did they get in there?

Tags spray painted along the walls at Parliament station

Former GMH powerhouse in Port Melbourne

Welcome to Lorimer Street in Port Melbourne. Located in a suburb better known for expensive waterfront property, it is often forgotten that this area is full of industrial plants belonging to the likes of Boeing, the DSTO, Herald and Weekly Times, Kraft, and GM Holden. The last company is the topic for today.

Abandoned on Lorimer Street

Abandoned hospitals of Melbourne

When asked to picture a hospital, most people would visualise a massive building filled with doctors and patients. However if one takes a walk around the Melbourne suburb of Parkville, you will find three hospitals that are only inhabited by security guards. So where are they?

Former Royal Women's Hospital on Swanston Street, Melbourne

Melbourne’s abandoned skyscraper

If you frequent the west end of Melbourne’s CBD, then you might have noticed this nondescript looking office building during your travels. Known as Communications House, this 21-storey building is located at 199 William Street on the north-west corner of the intersection with Little Bourke Street, opposite the Supreme Court of Victoria. However if you stop and look through the windows, one finds an abandoned foyer covered with years of dust. So how does an entire skyscraper lie empty for over a decade?

The abandoned skyscraper on Melbourne's William Street

Another look at RAAF Williams

A few months ago I took a look at the control tower that once stood sentry over the former RAAF Williams airfield in the Melbourne suburb of Laverton – today I’m going for a drive down the runway to the heritage listed aircraft hangars.

Lineup of six aircraft hangars at RAAF Williams