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Then and now on the Western Ring Road

Today it is hard to imagine getting around the western suburbs of Melbourne without the Western Ring Road, but there was a time it didn’t exist – with the first stage opened in 1992.

New signage citybound on the Tullamarine Freeway at the Western Ring Road

Why does the Western Ring Road narrow at Sunshine Avenue?

If you have ever had the misfortune to drive along the Western Ring Road, you may have noticed the inconsistent provision of lanes along the way: one minute you have four lanes to pick between, then all of a sudden you are forced back to just two. So what gives?

Northbound on the Western Ring Road at the Calder Freeway

Yet another ‘tram priority’ trial in Melbourne

Over the weekend Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun ran a piece about an upcoming trial of tram priority by VicRoads, Public Transport Victoria and Yarra Trams. So what to make of it – an important move to make Melbourne’s tram service faster, or just another report to gather dust on the shelf?

B2.2086 running a route 57a service, stuck in traffic on Maribyrnong Road

Melbourne’s anti terror boom gates, and other freeway oddities

I was up in Melbourne on Saturday. The first oddity of government incompetence: No, it’s not a railway crossing. The Westgate Bridge’s new "Anti Terror Boom Gates" (Patent Pending) Installed at a cost of $1.6 million dollars, they are intended to […]

Engineering Week 2005: fun at VicRoads

No, I didn’t go to VicRoads to get the car rego or my licence fixed up like a normal person.

I went to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre in Denmark Street, Kew (a suburb of Melbourne, if you did not know). Well, it does as it’s name suggests, it manages traffic…