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Private security lighting on public poles

Something odd I’ve noticed over the years is floodlights shining onto private property from public power poles. So who foots the bill for them? They’re a common sight in industrial areas. Their orange glow shining onto locked up warehouses. From atop power poles. But with no power meter to be found anywhere. And an answer […]

A tree falls for Melbourne Airport Rail

You can’t expect to build a multi-billion dollar rail project without having to chop down a few trees. But in the case of Melbourne Airport Rail they’ve needlessly chopped down a number of trees in Melbourne’s west just because they too narrow minded to adjust their plans. Service relocations at Sunshine The north-east side of […]

Melbourne Airport Rail’s trail of destruction

The Melbourne Airport Rail project might be “paused” but it has already left a trail of destruction across Sunshine. Today’s example is the Sunshine to Tottenham shared path. The works notice that never was The first sign of what was to come was posted on the Facebook page of local state MP Sarah Connolly, who […]

Melbourne’s brand new level crossing

The state government might be in the middle of spending billions of dollars removing level crossings around Melbourne, but this recent project at the Port of Melbourne has slipped under the radar – the creation of the first brand new level crossing in 30 years. 🎉 This new level crossing is located on ‘Intermodal Way‘ […]

The saga of concession myki sales at ticket machines

Things move slow in the land of Myki, so I was surprised the other week to discover that that Myki machines can finally sell General Concession, Senior and Child myki cards. Previously they only sold full fare ones. So why was it a problem? When Myki was first rolled out, the cards were bright green, […]