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William Street upgrades and forgotten route 605 bus

During December 2019 a massive upgrade was completed on William Street in the Melbourne CBD, with platform stops built for tram passengers and separated bike lanes for cyclists. But there was one mode of transport that has completely been forgotten as part of the work – the route 605 bus. Some history Blink and you’d […]

How long does it take to move a bike hoop?

Over the past few years the City of Melbourne has currently installing more bike hoops around the CBD, permitting more cyclists to securely park their bikes. But what happens when one of the hoops is placed in a stupid place? Back on 29 January 2018 I spotted this example near the corner of William and […]

Melbourne sunrise – from the south?

Watching the sun rise in the east, then set in the west – you’d think it is simple, but sometimes it isn’t.

Sunrise on Bourke Street

Pedestrian counters in the City of Melbourne

Pedestrians – the City of Melbourne is full of them. But how do we know how many of them are pounding the footpaths each day? Posting people at street corners with a tally counter and a clipboard is one way, but now there is a much more high tech way to do the same job – can you see it?

Morning commuters head down Melbourne's William Street

Melbourne’s abandoned skyscraper

If you frequent the west end of Melbourne’s CBD, then you might have noticed this nondescript looking office building during your travels. Known as Communications House, this 21-storey building is located at 199 William Street on the north-west corner of the intersection with Little Bourke Street, opposite the Supreme Court of Victoria. However if you stop and look through the windows, one finds an abandoned foyer covered with years of dust. So how does an entire skyscraper lie empty for over a decade?