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Which way to the tram stop?

Your nearest tram stop

is your nearest tram stop - it's only away, which is a walk down the street.

So where can I buy a ticket?

Buying a ticket

Unfortunatly because you can't buy a ticket on the tram, you'll have to visit your nearest myki retailer: .

It's only down the road, which is a walk.

So - back to the tram with my new ticket!

Back to the tram

Now that you have your ticket, you're ready to ride!

Your nearest tram stop is - down the road, which is a walk.

What a waste!

No trams?

Sorry - there aren't any tram stops near your current location! Drag me somewhere else, so we can find a tram.

Where are you?

Drag me to your current location, so we can find your nearest tram.

Are you here?

If not, drag the target to your actual location.

I'm here



Quite the journey to buy a ticket, wasn't it?

If you could buy a ticket on the tram, it would have taken you only to walk the to your nearest stop and board a tram.

Instead, you had to walk to a myki retailer, and then back to the tram stop.

All up, that is an extra walk - or you had to waste because of a lack of onboard ticket sales.


How far is myki making you walk?